We strive to quickly connect our clients with qualified candidates for key executive and technical positions in the power industry.  We work hard to find the best matches for candidates and clients based on tangible and intangible qualities and do not stop until each side is 100% satisfied.

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Finding top talent is not an easy task. Most client's requirements are unique and sometimes it requires providing flexible solutions. Ultimately, it is a organizational commitment that directly effects the bottom line. Let us save you time and money by quickly and efficiently finding you the right talent.               

Our Vision

How We Work

Successfully recruiting the right candidate requires mutual commitment from each party. Highly qualified candidates are becoming increasingly difficult to acquire. Once identified and recruited, the candidate must be sold on the opportunity, often while considering multiple offers at a time.  In order to successfully deliver on this, the client and recruiter must have a mutual relationship.


With a specific industry background, Elite Power Recruiting is able to understand the technical aspects of each position. In addition, we have a database that encompasses years of contacts in the industry and strong relationships with some of the top organizations in the industry. This allows us instant credibility to thoroughly vet and attract the best talent in the industry.

Our Strength

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve your business's performance by identifying and delivering the top talent in the power industry. In doing so we strive to deliver a candidate who will positively impact your organization while maintaining professionalism and confidentiality throughout the process.